Finding Myself in Santa Fe

Finding Myself in Santa Fe

77.5” H x 55” W   
Fabric construction. Digital image transfer, on shear silk and cotton, appliquéd, embroidered.
A large work made up of three distinct physical layers, the “base” is a digital image transfer onto a white on white cotton fabric. The image is a composite of a skyscape I photographed traveling from Boulder to Santa Fe, an exterior wall of an old antique shop facing the Plaza in Santa Fe...merging two antique glass windows into one...catching the reflection of my face in one distorted corner. At the bottom is an enlarged Santo Domingo bird symbol. Over this layer are translucent layers of organza, also with image transfer that make up the wall surrounding the window, and the Bird symbol. To modify the wall color. I inserted various cotton panels between these 2 layers. So that’s the HOW.  What was added was the blue sphere image which I have used in my works as a symbol of my essence, ( soul or higher self, if you will) and stitched a trail of Moon beads from there down to my “portrait”. The multi layered meanings of “Finding Myself in Santa Fe” deal with physical
 geography, cultural influences, and interior self-awareness, the condition of Being Present. So far as I can “know”, this is the WHAT of this work.

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