Mont Koya San: Ancestors

Mont Koya San: Ancestors

29.5”H x 37.25” W
Fabric-photo construction. Digital image transfer on white on white cotton. Quilted, embroidered with monofiliment and metallic thread. Embellished with glass beads, iridescent sequins.
Photo by Karen Bell - 215 255 5527
Traveling in Japan, in a joint exhibition with artists of Sakai City, Osaka, I entered "an altered state". I rode trains out of cities, passed family farm patchworks to the base of Mt. Koya-San. A stepped cable car pulled us up to the perched village beyond which lay the sacred cemetery. Tall cedars created cathedral auras over the parade of stacked stone monuments and an enclosure with this wall of faces I call “Ancestors”. I outlined the women in red satin stitch frames (as a sub-text in this very male-oriented society). The old, beautiful tree was found in another garden and it’s image was layered over the wall of faces. The sequins and beads embellished in the branches describe the delight of cherry blossoms holding the spirit that was keenly felt.

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$ 2,550.00

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