Cave Wall I: She

Cave Wall I: She

52” h X 42.5” w
Fabric-photo construction. Digital image transfer, on cotton duck canvas, nylon thread.
Photo by Karen Bell - 215 255 5527

Out of possibly multi-thousands of rocks on the beach at Del Mar, California, six special, strangely marked rocks revealed themselves to me.

These rocks had naturally formed markings that seemed “otherworldly” or like petroglyphs of an ancient peoples. Collecting them, I found myself caught, intrigued with the mystery of prehistoric cave images and marks created during our earliest human beginnings. The compelling need to make visual, symbolic representations of our lives is the magic cord from then to now.

I explored using other known ancient and prehistoric markings from world sources in layered combinations along with my drawings and photographs to create this series of Fiber-Photo Constructions.

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$ 3,200.00

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