Open Studios is an enlightening exercise …

Having Open Studios is an enlightening exercise…besides whipping one into a frenzy of declutter and organization, that is. Having successfully had one called ARTISITS VISIT ARTISTS for the Katonah Museum Artists Association (KMA, Katonah, NY) last spring, I had invited members of my Art/Place Gallery and other artist friends to spend a few hours at my studio to ART TALK last weekend. It becomes somewhat a different event , and for different purposes, sharing one’s work with fellow artists rather than members of the interested public; more "Have you tried?"…or "This is how I would deal with…" kinds of exchanges. Other artists were invited to bring their current work as well. Great discussions.

This week we installed COLLABORATIONS work at the Silvermine Guild Arts Center in New Canaan, CT.  Its on view until April 18, 2007. If you are in the vacinity, you will find wonderfully inspired works by pairs and trios of artists who reinvent themselves by collaboration. In my case, I joined forces with Florence Seurig of Cos Cob, CT and Phyllis P. Clamage of Stamford, CT. This is our statement;

    "Collaboration" combines the talents of three artists who work in diverse media, Our collaboration is a story of the sensuous body, in clay, paper,         silk,  photography, projected images, and sound.

    Florence Suerig has been developing a series of paper-and-clay vessels based on anthropomorphic shapes of the body. The vessels have a hree-pointed.base and are smoke- fired.

    Phyllis Clamage used Florence’s vessels as the basis of a series of drawing, some of which are printed on paper and silk. The drawings are her  interpretation of the rhythms and shapes of the vessel and are collected in a standing book.

Arlé Sklar-Weinstein digitally manipulates photographic images which are usually transferred to fabric. In this project, her photographs of Florence’s
vessel became a visual essay, transformed and formatted for projection on the wall, encomposing both the Vessel and the hanging accordian-fold  paper book.

Arle’s son, Robert Weinstein  (www.RobertWeinsteinMusic.com) composed the sound track which aurally enhances the viewer’s visual experience of the organic object.

"Collaboration” has been a real challenge as we each started with our own perspectives and materials. Bouncing our processes off each other was an exciting shared experience. Creatively bringing this to fruition as a visual poem sums up our response to Florence’s sculpture;  celebrating curves and crevasses, with it’s delight and reverence for the human body.

My next adventure is coming up within days. I’m off to an Artists Residency at FUNDACION VALPARAISO in Mojacar, Spain for the month of April 2007. I will be without internet connections on a daily basis, but I will keep a journal on my laptop to send out later.  The Collaborations projections have sent my creative musings through another door, and I will certainly explore more projection possibilities while I’m in Spain.

My next SOLO Exhibition is scheduled for Oct 31-Nov 25, 2007 at ART/PLACE Gallery, Southport Ct and I have my eyes on the smaller of the two galleries for some combination of fiber/projection. Hmmm, how exciting to begin this exploration.

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